Project Velo
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Project Velo

UK Cyling Market Study


A definitive ground-breaking report on the UK Cycle Industry. This comprehensive report will provide business managers, owners and investors with meaningful insight into market dynamics and forecasts of UK cycling market.

Areas covered in the report include:

  • Detailed executive summary
  • Industry leader ‘Top of Mind’ report
  • Market size and growth forecasts
  • Market drivers and inhibitors
  • Key segment opportunities
  • Comprehensive brand and multiple retailer profiles
  • Pricing and profitability analysis
  • Key factors influencing supply choices
  • Key business challenges & competencies
  • Detailed customer segmentation examining buying behaviour and brand perceptions of leisure cyclists and enthusiasts
  • Future trends


Comprehensive market analysis using Allegra PERSPECTIVES™, unique supply chain research. Sources of information will include:
  • 200 depth interviews with key industry decision makers, including:
    • Offline and online cycling items retailers
    • Multiple sport retailers, cycling chains and independent cycling retailers
    • Bicycle manufacturers
    • Component manufacturers
    • Major distributors
    • Accessories suppliers
    • Local government and town planning authorities
    • Financial investors and private equity firms
  • 18,500 depth online and telephone interviews with a nationally representative sample of UK cyclists (leisure, commuting and sports enthusiasts) and purchasers of cycling items
  • Cycle shop audits
  • Extensive desktop research, incorporating all previous reports and financial information available to date


Field research: March-June 2010

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Interactive - 5 users: £6,000 + VAT
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Date of Publication

22 November 2010