Project Kinder
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Project Kinder

UK Baby Travel Equipment Market Report

The second of the report series Project Kinder, UK Nursery Travel Equipment is Allegra’s definitive study on the dynamic UK travel equipment market, published in partnership with Bounty as consumer panel provider. Product categories covered include prams, pushchairs, strollers, travel systems, car seats, carrycots and baby soft carriers.

Key Areas

  • Strategic analysis of the UK travel equipment segment
  • Key success factors and market trends
  • Insight on the key business opportunities and challenges by different market players
  • Profiles of leading brands
  • In-depth analysis of consumer preferences, purchase patterns and brand awareness
  • Differences between customer demographics, including first-time vs. subsequent, as well as working vs. non-working mothers


  • 4,973 online surveys with UK expectant mothers and mothers of children aged 0-3 years
  • 380 surveys with dads and grandparents
  • 44 interviews with business executives across the baby products market
  • Input from Steering Committee of key industry stakeholders
  • Extensive desk/internet research into sources including financial information, government statistics, consumer and trade associations


  • Understand key trends driving market performance
  • Gain a better knowledge of the consumer decision making process
    • Quantify the impact of the various sources of information
    • Develop effective consumer targeting strategy
    • Understand significant factors behind purchase decision
    • Assess the impact of the second-hand and hand-me-down market
    • Benchmark your company against the market performance
  • Understand consumer usage and attitudinal behaviour towards retailers and brands
  • Address the impact of the changing consumer lifestyles that influence purchase behaviour

Formats Available

Hard copy, electronic (PDF) or interactive version


Hard Copy (1 License): £2,500 +VAT
PDF (Corporate Licensed): £3,000 +VAT

Date of Publication

01 January 2012